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Decades ago a change in Michigan consumer finance laws caused many credit resources to leave the state. Danto Furniture has been financing customer accounts for over 50 years. In fact 80% of all purchases are processed internally by Danto's own credit department. Interest rates are often less than major bank credit cards. Danto's does not use traditional credit scoring numbers. Each customer's application is personally reviewed. 
Credit qualifications at Danto's follow a somewhat traditional path. That review focuses on whether the applicant has established roots in the community. A positive landlord or mortgage report is essential. Links to friends and family are required. We are looking to see that the applicant has sufficient income to take on a monthly debt either through a job or social benefits. We review credit reports from Experian, Trans Union, and Equafax looking for good payment history on previous credit efforts. We balance the reality of negative information from medical providers, utilities, and membership subscription services to determine reasonable efforts to manage personal debt.

We also offer traditional instant credit approvals from Citibank (Brandsource), Synchrony Financial (GE), and Crest Financial (Leasing).

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